ICT Basic Skills

ICT Basic Skills

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Mode of Delivery:

  • Face-to-face at eLearning Centers/Open Distance and eLearning Centers
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I. Rationale
Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become one of the fundamental building blocks of modern society. You must have Basic ICT skills in order to teach or learn with ICT. It is essential to recognize and appreciate the components that make up a computer as this gives you the ability to effectively utilize it and all its peripherals. The environment in which the computer exists namely the operating system and network are paramount to its effective use. This course prepares one to understand the software packages used on a computer, like word processors, spreadsheets, and databases. The course covers an introduction to computers, computer input and output devices followed by data entry into the computer through the use of the keyboard and the mouse. The significance of each component and peripheral device, as well as the key concepts of the operating system are outlined to facilitate appreciation of the driving force of the computer. Lastly, the course will provide an overview on how the computer communicates through networking and the basic use of the Internet.

2. Prerequisite or Knowledge
There are no prerequisites to this module. Basic notions of ICT will be introduced on this course.
3. General objective(s)
The main objectives of the module are to have you:

  • Acquire input skills (keyboarding and use of mouse)
  • Acquaint with the computer interfaces
  • Acquaint with ICT terminology
  • Acquaint with input and output devices
  • Appreciate how the computer is related to its networked environment
  • Perform basic navigation of a windows based operating system
4.  Time
You should spend approximately 120 hours to cover this module

5. Materials

The following materials are necessary for the successful completion of this module:

  • Access to personal computer
  • CD Rom Drive
  • Communication ports (e.g., serial, parallel, USB)
  • Disk drive
  • Printer
  • Windows Operating System (any version)
  • Web browser (Internet, Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.)
  • Access to an Internet Connection would be desirable
Course Title Credit
ELE 4101 ICT Basic Skills Advanced 3
ELE 3101 ICT Basic Skills 3 – Intermediate 3
ELE 2101 ICT Basic Skills 2 3
ELE 1101 ICT Basic Skills 1 3