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1. Rationale
The rationale of teaching Basic mathematics is that it plays the role of filling up gaps that the student teacher could be having from secondary school mathematics. For instance, a lack of a proper grasp of the real number system and elementary functions etc. It also serves as the launching pad to University Mathematics by introducing the learner to the science of reasoning called logic and other related topics.

2. Prerequisite or knowledge

Unit 1: (i) Sets and Functions (ii) Composite Functions
Secondary school mathematics is prerequisite.
This is a level 1 course.

Unit 2: Binary Operations

Basic Mathematics 1 is prerequisite.
This is a level 1 course.

Unit 3: Groups, Subgroups and Homomorphism
Basic Mathematics 2 is prerequisite.
This is a level 2 course.

3. General objective

You will be equipped with knowledge of elementary mathematical logic, sets, numbers and algebraic structures required for effective teaching of mathematics in secondary schools.

4. Time

120 hours

5. Material

The course materials for this module consist of:

  • Study materials (print, CD, on-line) (pre-assessment materials contained within the study materials)
    Two formative assessment activities per unit (always available but with specified submission date). (CD, on-line)
  • References and Readings from open-source sources (CD, on-line)
  • ICT Activity files
  • Those which rely on copyright software
  • Those which rely on open source software
  • Those which stand alone
  • Video files
  • Audio files (with tape version)
  • Open source software installation files
  • Graphical calculators and licensed software where available
Course Title Credit
MAT 4103 Linear Programming 3
MAT 4102 Analysis 2 3
MAT 4101 Numerical Methods 3
MAT 3103 Probability And Statistics 3
MAT 3102 Analysis 1 3
MAT 3101 Mechanics 3
MAT 2103 Differential Equations 3
MAT 2102 Geometry 3
MAT 2101 Linear Algebra 3
MAT 1103 Calculus 3
MAT 1102 Number Theory 3
MAT 1101 Basic Mathematics 3