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1. Rationale

Science teaching in secondary schools is expected to enable learners to work in scientific ways (apply scientific principles), stimulate their curiosity and deepen their interest in the natural and physical world. In this module you will study the behavior of solids when subjected to strains, the behavior of fluids in different contexts is studied. You will also understand the thermal and electrical conductivity (also known as transport properties) of metals.The study of mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of materials will not only help you for advanced studies in solid state Physics and electronics physics, but will also give you a cutting edge in teaching technological applications of the Physical Sciences for your future students.


2. Pre-requisite or knowledge

In order to study this module, you need to complete the modules on Mechanics I, Mechanics II, and Electricity and Magnetism. This module also assumes you have taken introductory course in Calculus.


3. General objective(s)

After completing this module you would be able to:

  • Explain the concept of elastic properties of materials
  • Describe the transport properties of materials
  • Appreciate the properties of fluids and apply the concepts to a range of contexts.
  • Use thermal conductivity of materials to solve problems
  • Use Electrical conductivity of materials to solve problems.


4. Time

The time you require to complete this module is 120hrs. For chapter wise breakdown see section 6 of the module


5. Materials

  • Internet Connection
  • Compulsory Readings and Compulsory Resources (As Listed In Sections 11 & 12)
  • Standard Weights
  • Wires made of different substances
  • Software Package
Course Title Credit
PHS 4103 Nuclear Physics 3
PHS 4102 Quantum Mechanics 3
PHS 4101 Geometrical Waves/Physical Waves 3
PHS 3104 Atomic Physics 3
PHS 3103 Statistical Physics 3
PHS 3102 Solid State Physics 3
PHS 3101 Mechanics 2 3
PHS 2104 Thermal Physics 3
PHS 2103 Electricity And Magnetism 2 3
PHS 2102 Mathematical Physics 2 3
PHS 2101 Electronics 3
PHS 1104 Mechanics 1 3
PHS 1103 Electricity And Magnetism 1 3
PHY 1102 Mathematical Physics 1 3
PHS 1101 Properties Of Matter 3