Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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Mode of Delivery:

  • Mixed mode: online and face to face (in practical laboratories.)
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1. Rationale

Today the world has realized the importance of renewable energy for the survival of our planet and as a solution to the energy crisis facing all continents, especially Africa. According to its geographical location, each continent or country operates a renewable energy source over another. Africa is the sunniest continent of the world, especially we talk about solar energy and especially solar PV. The sun is seen as the most viable and sustainable for energy problems facing the African continent (especially in rural areas). Therefore, there is a significant demand growth of solar photovoltaics. Unfortunately, there is still a huge deficit of qualified technicians. We must therefore train technicians in large numbers and as quickly as possible to fill that need.

2. Prerequisites or prior knowledge

Fundamentals of Electricity
General Mathematics Fundamentals of
general physical basic notions
basic ICT skills
Computer access
Internet access * (highly recommended for many activities)

3. Policy objective

The general objective of this module is to get learners and learners to develop knowledge and skills to make their installation and maintenance (preventive and curative) autonomous solar photovoltaic systems.

4. Hours

45 hours including 20 hours devoted to learning the theory and 25 hours dedicated to practical work in laboratories.

5. Learning Material

Computer, course notes, lab sheets, laboratories.


Course Title Credit
REN 1103 Entrepreneurship 3
REN 1102 Wind Power and Micro Hydroelectricity 3
REN 1101 Solar Photovoltaic Energy 3