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Strategic Partnership for the co-design of an innovative and scalable ePortfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills

The project aims at contributing in modernizing the educational and training systems of selected universities in Sub-Saharan countries, in order to
i) allow the adaptation of new learning methods and competency-based education;
ii) encourage the introduction and implementation, or enhancement of e-learning;
iii) improve the transition from university to the labour market; and,
iv) promote unification and homogenization of the evaluation criteria between universities of different countries, thus facilitating mobility and exchange.

For this purpose, the consortium will implement, evaluate and adapt the MyDocumenta eportfolio, an innovative, collaborative and fully customizable Long Life Learning eportfolio for teachers and students. The eportfolio will be adapted to the requirements of the end-users, and will be validated in a (on-site and on-line) pilot with universities from 3 different Sub-Saharan countries to demonstrate its scalability.

The proposal is based on a previous implementation process by MyDocumenta and Open University of Catalonia (UOC), where the eportfolio was successfully validated, following the approach of co-design, adaptation, demonstration and validation.

The expected outcomes are the following:

  1. Implementation of MyDocumenta eportfolio in the target universities;
  2. Offer an innovative and sustainable technology-based service: an “ePortfolio implementation Pack” for the adaptation and implementation in other universities or educational institutions.
  3. Create and/or integrate into, a Business network (HUB) involving local enterprises and stakeholder to support the implementations process in the Educational institutions of the region.




AVU’s role in the project will be to be involved in :

  • Helping build a strong stakeholder network for future exploitation of the project’s results
  • Taking part in several national and international events to present the results
  • Validation and Analysis of the Impact at Institutional level