An overview of Peace Management and Conflict Resolution (PMCR)

An overview of Peace Management and Conflict Resolution (PMCR)

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Peace Management and Conflict Resolution is officially opened.


The peace management and conflict resolution course is an interdisciplinary course whose aim is to introduce learners from a variety of backgrounds to the analysis of conflict, violence, and peace. The specific purpose of the course is to help identify and use tools that can guide in working towards a more sustainable peace.

The course consists of four modules, each consist of three units.



The following modules compose the Program:

Module 1 – Introduction to Peace Management

Module 2 – Conflict Mapping and Analysis

Module 3 – Conflict Resolution and Transformation

Module 4 – Peace Management and Preservation


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss and explain the concept of conflict and different types of
  • Trace and explain some of the causes of conflict such as power, identity, culture, and resources among
  • Define and explain the concepts of conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and conflict
  • Identify and describe various types of tools commonly used in conflict analysis.
  • Identify and discuss three dimensions of peace building and
  • Explain the importance of using gender and youth lenses in peace building and conflict resolution


The Program will be delivered as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC*) in English, French and Portuguese. It will also later be available as a self-learning course.

It will be a one-month course with each module being delivered in one week with a workload of 4-6hours.

This course will not be certified by AVU, but a certificate of completion can be printed.