Compétences pour l’employabilité

Le MOOC, « Compétences pour l’Employabilité », est développé par l’Université Virtuelle Africaine (UVA), en partenariat avec L’African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) dans le cadre du projet « Compétences pour l’Employabilité » financé par Gouvernement Canadien.

Ce MOOC est destiné aux jeunes diplômés(ées) qui cherchent à se préparer pour le monde du travail et plus particulièrement aux gradués(ées) en Mathématiques, Physique et Informatique. Le MOOC est également indiqué pour tous autres jeunes gradué (es) qui seraient intéressés (eés) par cette thématique.


Peace Management and Conflict Resolution

The peace management and conflict resolution course is an interdisciplinary course whose aim is to introduce learners from a variety of backgrounds to the analysis of conflict, violence, and peace. The specific purpose of the course is to help you identify and use tools that can guide you in working towards a more sustainable and durable peace by strengthening and solidifying the existing peace in your community.

The area of Peace Management and Conflict Resolution offers an opportunity to provide foundational information and resources to a wide sector of the African population. Although designed for individual learning, the program will be of particular interest to community leaders, educators, and non-governmental and governmental organizations.

Using ICTs to enrich teaching and learning

What are ICTs?
ICTs (Information Communication Technologies)
Includes computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, satellite navigation systems, electronic instruments and data recorders, radio, television, computer networks, satellite systems. Almost anything which handles and communicates information electronically;
ICt’s includes both the hardware (the equipment) and the software (the computer programs in the equipment).

‘Using ICTs to enrich teaching and learning’ will guide your learning in an interactive, applied manager to answer 3 questions: what are ICT’s (module 1), why use ICTs in teaching and learning (module 2) and how to use ICTs to support teaching and learning (module 3 and 4). Based on your unique learning expectations and needs, you’ll benefit free online training, you’ll choose from a wide variety of learning expectations and needs, you’ll chose from a wide variety of learning activities designed to help you extend, apply and use your learning from this MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses).