Philise Rasugu

Philise Rasugu

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Philise Rasugu

Philise Rasugu, a Kenyan national, holds a Master of Online Education from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia; a Bachelor of Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya; a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management; Diplome Superieures d’Etudes Commerciales from Alliance Francaise, Nairobi and has undertaken a number of continuing professional development courses in various areas of Management and eLearning. She has keen interest on the provision of access to higher education in Africa, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and has a passion for research in emerging technologies and innovations in eLearning, mobile learning and Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Philise currently holds the position of Program Officer at the AVU Rector’s Office, responsible for coordinating the AVU Academic Programs in Anglophone Africa.  She is also nominated as Manager of the AVU Scholarship Fund. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in open distance and continuing professional development training, eLearning including designing, developing and delivery of instruction using Learning Management Systems (LMS), e.g., WebCT, MOODLE.  Philise has demonstrated expertise in devising and managing systems for operational efficiency; planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing activities, research (baseline surveys and Training Needs Analysis), preparation of budgets, and costs control.

Philise has participated and made presentations in various international conferences and workshops. She further represents the AVU in the Steering Committee of the Pan-African eNetwork Project (PAeN) of the African Union Commission and Government of India, the Technical Committee on Information Technology for Learning, Education & Training (ITLET) – Kenya Bureau of Standards, and the ECBCheck quality label for eLearning. She is a member of various virtual international networks including Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’ Group, eLearning 2.0, Science Connect, UNESCO IIEP forum, Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) and the European Foundation for quality in eLearning (EFQUEL).

Prior to joining the AVU, Philise worked in the NGO sector in Kenya and acquired invaluable experience in capacity building, managing systems and implementing activities.