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1. Rationale

The rationale of teaching analysis is to set the minimum content of Pure Mathematics required at undergraduate level for student of mathematics. It is important to note that skill in proving mathematical statements is one aspect that learners of Mathematics should acquire. The ability to give a complete and clear proof of a theorem is essential for the learner so that he or she can finally get to full details and rigor of analyzing mathematical concepts. Indeed it is in Analysis that the learner is given the exposition of subject matter as well as the techniques of proof equally. We also note here that if a course like calculus with its wide applications in Mathematical sciences is an end
in itself then Analysis is the means by which we get to that end.

2. Prerequisite or knowledge

Unit 4: Real Analysis
Analysis on the real line (Unit 1)
Unit 5: Topology
Real Analysis (Unit 3)
Unit 6: Measure Theory
Real Analysis Unit 3 and Unit 4

3. Specific learning objectives

You should be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts and principles of mathematical analysis.
2. Develop a logical framework for stating and proving theorems.

4. Time

The total time for this module is 120 study hours.

5. Material

Students should have access to the core readings specified later. Also, they will need a computer to gain full access to the core readings. Additionally, students should be able to install the computer software wxMaxima and use it to practice algebraic concepts.

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