Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

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1. Rationale

The secondary school mathematics syllabus covers a number of topics, including differentiation and integration of functions. The module starts by introducing the concept of limits, often missed at the secondary school level, but crucial in learning these topics. It then uses limits to define continuity, differentiation and integration of a function. Also, the limit concept is used in discussing a class of
special functions called sequences and the related topic of infinite series.

2. Prerequisite or knowledge

Unit 1: Elementary Differential Calculus (35 hours)
Secondary school mathematics is prerequisite. Basic Mathematics 1 is co-requisite.
This is a level 1 course.

Unit 2: Elementary integral calculus (35 hours)
Calculus 1 is prerequisite.
This is a level 1 course.

Unit 3: Sequences and Series (20 hours)
Priority A. Calculus 2 is prerequisite.
This is a level 2 course.

Unit 4: Calculus of Functions of Several Variables (30 hours)
Priority B. Calculus 3 is prerequisite.
This is a level 2 course.
3. General objectives

You will be equipped with knowledge and understanding of the properties of elementary functions and their various applications necessary to confidently teach these subjects at the secondary school level.
You will have a secure knowledge of the content of school mathematics to confidently teach these subjects at the secondary school level
You will acquire knowledge of and the ability to apply available ICT to improve
the teaching and learning of school mathematics

4. Time

120 hours

5. Material

The course materials for this module consist of:

  • Study materials (print, CD, on-line) (pre-assessment materials contained within the study materials)
  • Two formative assessment activities per unit (always available but with specified submission date). (CD, on-line)
  • References and Readings from open-source sources (CD, on-line)
  • ICT Activity files
  • Those which rely on copyright software
  • Those which rely on open source software
  • Those which stand alone
  • Video files
  • Audio files (with tape version)
  • Open source software installation files
  • Graphical calculators and licensed software where available
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