Probability And Statistics

Probability And Statistics

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1. Rationale

Probability and Statistics, besides being a key area in the secondary schools’ teaching syllabuses, it forms an important background to advanced mathematics at tertiary level. Statistics is a fundamental area of Mathematics that is applied across many academic subjects and is useful in analysis in industrial production. The study of statistics produces statisticians that analyse raw data collected from the field to provide useful insights about a population. The statisticians provide governments and organizations with concrete backgrounds of a situation that helps managers in decision making. For example, rate of spread of diseases, rumours, bush fires, rainfall patterns, and
population changes.On the other hand, the study of probability helps decision making in government
agents and organizations based on the theory of chance. For example:- predicting the male and female children born within a given period and projecting the amount of rainfall that regions expect to receive based on some historical data on rainfall patterns. Probability has also been extensively used in the determination of high, middle and low quality products in industrial production e.g. the number of good and defective parts expected in an industrial manufacturing process.

2. Prerequisite or knowledge

Secondary school Statistics and Probability.

3. General objective(s)

By the end of this module, the trainee should be able to compute the various measures of dispersions in statistics and work out probabilities based on laws of probability and carry out tests on data using the theories of probability

4. Time

The total time for this module is 120 study hours.

5. Material

Students should have access to the core readings specified later. Also, they will need a computer to gain full access to the core readings. Additionally, students should be able to install the computer software wxMaxima and use it to practice algebraic concepts.

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