Annual Report 2013 – 2015

Annual Report 2013 – 2015

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Annual Report 2013 – 2015

M e s s a g e  F r o m  T h e C h a i r m a n

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate and express my sincere gratitude to the Rector, and his dedicated team who continuously work towards AVU goals and objectives.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the African Development Bank for supporting the AVU in its effort to increase access to quality higher education through the use of information and communication technologies.

The AVU continues to gain recognition for its various work in providing access to quality education across Africa. The AVU was awarded by the International Council for Distance Education the Institutional Prize for Excellence, for its tremendous work over the last years. One of our 53 academic partner institutions, Université Gaston Berger, Senegal, granted us a certificate of recognition for our contribution to their development.

In addition to having excellent academic records by recently producing more than 400 online modules and numerous enrolments in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the AVU is in transition to elevate itself to a full-fledged University in order to provide education to prospective students across Africa and beyond.
Education changes as fast as the world does, and when you select your study destination it is important to find innovation as well as a tradition of quality. Information technology has changed the concept of the learning environment and helped students to learn beyond barriers. I would like to call upon our devoted academic partner institutions, strategic partners and members states to continue endorsing and advocating the work being done by the AVU. With all your support and despite many challenges, technical and financial, we shall fulfill our mission, which is to facilitate the use of open, distance and eLearning in order to address the growing need for quality and affordable education and training.